Our Services

Qualified Pension and Profit Sharing 401(k) Services

Professional Services: they do not need to cost a lot.

If we are working hand-in-glove, like good partners, you value our delivery of services and we value your expectations. Simple as that. Cost is relative to value-driven results.

We tailor our services to what you need – today and tomorrow.

Initial Consultation – Personal and confidential discussion regarding all qualified plan areas of interest. You walk away educated, empowered and feeling much better about your retirement plan – for yourself and for your employees. Retirement income goals. Deferred compensation planning. Compliance problems – whatever your concern or wish for knowledge, that is our expertise.

Feasibility Analysis – Let us illustrate optimum plan design options based on company objectives. Totally tailored from your vision.

Plan Design – What is your goal? Typical for sophisticated plan designs, this discussion refines a plan design beyond the feasibility analysis to attain company goals.

Employee Communication – Unbiased. Direct. Focused and, in Plain English. Whatever you need to communicate, we are a member of your team to create it and help you deliver it: in person, in writing, housed in your own secure web-based account.

Transition – Getting to know you! When you join AB&D, you become a member of our family. You will immediately feel that you are welcome and you are cared for. Why is that? Because where you have been, you have been just a number. At AB&D, your success is ours. You will see this unique quality during our transition process.

Trust Accounting – Remember, we are accountants at the core… We take pride in our financial statement accounting. Necessary for pooled investment accounts, trustee directed accounts or accounts that are in addition to a specific recordkeeping platform for Form 5500 reporting, this service is one not offered by many administration platforms.

Help for Plans in Tax Status Qualification Trouble  Every plan will encounter a trouble spot in its operation. We help fix those spots in the best way possible to save the plan’s tax deferred status while reducing the impact of penalties that ultimately take funds from employer contributions to the plan.  We enjoy advocating for plan sponsors that have unintentionally failed to operate the plan in accordance with its terms. It happens. We have expertise depth to fix it.

What about our fees?

Tell us the services you want – or need – and we will develop an engagement that describes what we do and, typically, a flat fee for the project. We also ask for you to determine what you are comfortable doing and, together, these services are all you will need to operate your retirement program in compliance with government regulations. No assistance is too small or project too large – that is our brand of service delivery. With more than twenty employees and an average years of experience of more than twenty-five, we are able to assist our clients swiftly and with the depth not many firms in the industry can match. Our fees can be quoted by project as a flat fee – or, we can become a member of your compliance team and track our time.

General Hourly rates:

Principals, Enrolled Actuaries, Attorneys$350
Senior Associates$300
Consulting Associates$250
Staff Associates$200
Trust Accountants$95
Consultation or Research Services$300

How else can we help you?

Many clients retain us to do “everything”. We are able to design an engagement so that we become a part of our client’s accounting or human resource department – as the retirement plan expert.

Plan Documents Our Passion! Whatever you need, we can write it. We create our own documents so you get what you need. We have our own Plain English plan documents – the only documents drafted in Plain English for retirement plans.

Compliance Services  Our Expertise! Here is where we shine and add value. Many financial institutions who provide pension plan administration services say they provide all compliance services, but none do it as AB&D does. It takes a special view on how we see ourselves relative to how we see you – just know our distinct strength is watching over compliance testing – it is a cornerstone for our client services.

Recordkeeping Services  Bean Counting Experts! We can account for funds wherever they are invested – even though some trust accounts are quite complex. We enjoy complex accounting and have more than 35 years solid expertise in accounting for the plan investments.