Who We Are And What We Deliver

Actuarial Benefits & Design Company Building

Established in 1989 with four employees, Actuarial Benefits & Design Company has grown to a group of more than twenty dedicated professionals.  With average years of service of more than 20 years, AB&D brings the depth of experience to our clients – expertise matched by very few.

We bought our building in 1996, renovated it to meet our needs, and created a collaborative environment that showcases technology.

We are a female-owned firm, comprised of many women. We are proud to be among the first organizations to adopt a flexible and remote working arrangement for staff who successfully balance the needs of home with the needs of our clients and colleagues. We bring that personal responsibility to our clients, with swift responses to queries and phone calls answered by a team member who wants to help answer your most pressing question.

Since 1995, we have built and maintained strategic alliances with financial institutions that place a value on the more personal technical services local consulting firms have to offer small employers who wish to sponsor a retirement program for its eligible staff.  Through these alliances, packaged investment programs can be matched with our consulting and compliance services. Financial institutions simply cannot alone deliver what most plan sponsors need for compliance services. We fill in that gap and tailor our services to what our clients need….a little help….or acting as outsourced human resource staff. We are not licensed to discuss investments but deliver the plan governance and compliance services all qualified retirement programs require.

Our goal for each client is a superior professional service that is tailored to individual employer needs. When established in 1989, Lisa Germano and Debbie Coyner utilized their experience and training as dually licensed attorney-certified public accountants to create a firm that is intended to remain small and relevant to clients who appreciate personal attention in areas they have no expertise. Employees enjoy a small firm atmosphere with the professional and technical challenges of a large firm practice. We are proud to be expert problem solvers and advocates for our clients.

Continuity with our clients is key to our mission. We establish relationships with our clients as a professional member of their team of advisors: their CPA, attorney, and investment advisor. Due to the nature of our practice as consultants and ongoing compliance experts, it is important that our client relationships are mutually enjoyable. We rely on that foundation to create a positive working relationship.

A unique combination of the disciplines contained in the legal and accounting professions allow Actuarial Benefits & Design Company to operate a small practice with the capability to respond to the changing retirement planning environment. Lisa has been committed for more than thirty-five years to maintain a voice for the private pension system and small business owners. Continuing education for associates is an integral part of the firm’s philosophy. For our clients, we offer an annual information and education workshop.

We bring to you the team concept. Our firm offers a professional relationship whereby no team member has anything to offer other than the sum of the collective knowledge and broad experience of our members- Along with prompt and efficient service. We welcome the opportunity to develop a service model that achieves your vision for a compliance partner.